Nr. 16 (1998)

Free Love and Bhakti
An Inter-religious Study on Martin Luther and Shri Krishna Caitanyai

Nr. 16 (1998)

von Edmund Weber

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) and Vishvambhara Mishra (1486 – 1533), known as Shri Krishna Caitanya, have been the outstanding representatives of the great west-eastern religious revolution which shattered the hearts of their societies in the 16th century. They were the spiritual revolutionaries of the modern times.

The question may very well be raised if and how these two religious reformers on the edge of modern age share theological commonness, even though they lived wide apart and certainly did not know of each other.

We will see: Both Martin Luther and Shri Krishna Caitanya have taught the unconditioned, Free Love viz. Bhakti. Even if they did it

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