Nr. 24b (1998)

Mahatma Gandhi’s Evaluation of the Caste System as an Element of the National Independence Movement in India

Nr. 24b (1998)

von Jürgen Stein



Castes still determine the social reality of India in many fields and affect politics more and more by functioning as vote banks which are decisive in elections. Thus it is small wonder that there is an ongoing discussion about this social phenomenon. The controversies in the course of this discussion not only relate to academic theories concerning the origin, the evolution and the mode of operation of the caste system but also determine the discussion about reform models for the Indian society. Such models either strive for the complete abolition of the caste system or

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Nr. 20 (1998)

Hindutva and Participation of Castes in Power

Nr. 20 (1998)

von Ramesh Patange

Weekly „VIVEK“ recently conducted a survey of the opinions of its readers. One of the readers wrote, ‚I am a devotee of Shri Ram; I belong to a certain caste; the concept of Hindutva may be all right for you; but how is this Hindutva beneficial to my caste?“ This question may be regarded as either very basic or childish. It is basic because its answer devolves on the proper concept of Hindutva and it is childish because it displays the ignorance of the reader of the fact that

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Nr. 06 (1997)

Modern Hindu Culture
A Study on Modernization of Hinduism by Considering the Parallels in Modern Christianity

Nr. 06 (1997)

von Edmund Weber

The Christian culture experienced a deep-going change with the uprising of the Civil Society („Bürgerliche Gesellschaft“), the industrialization of economic production, the urbanization of life-style and the individualization of religiosity in the 19th century. The Christian formation of inner- and outer-world in those days became obsolete. From this conflict the civil or modern Christianity originated. In a painful changing process most of the people of this new society have newly interpreted religion, moral and ritual of traditional Christianity and created to their new conditions of

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