Nr. 20 (1998)

Hindutva and Participation of Castes in Power

Nr. 20 (1998)

von Ramesh Patange

Weekly „VIVEK“ recently conducted a survey of the opinions of its readers. One of the readers wrote, ‚I am a devotee of Shri Ram; I belong to a certain caste; the concept of Hindutva may be all right for you; but how is this Hindutva beneficial to my caste?“ This question may be regarded as either very basic or childish. It is basic because its answer devolves on the proper concept of Hindutva and it is childish because it displays the ignorance of the reader of the fact that

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Nr. 13 (1997)

Minorities in a Democracy with Special Reference to India

Nr. 13 (1997)

von James Massey (Delhi)

I am proposing to deal with my subject „Minorities in a Democracy with special reference to India“ under the following heads: A Recent Case; Nature and Relationship, Formation and Responses; Concluding Remarks.

  1. A Recent Case

I became a member of the National Commission for Minorities on 3rd of December, 1996. This means I have now

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