Nr. 14 (1997)

Bhakti and Christian Faith
according to Rudolf Otto (1869-1937)

Nr. 14 (1997)

von Heinz Röhr

[Translated from German by Michael Vogt]

This study is obliged to the „Marburg School of the Science of Religions“ (R. Otto, H. Frick, K. Goldammer, E. Benz). The methodological concept follows the comparison of religions, as it is classically demonstrated by R. Otto in his work about „West-östliche Mystik“[1] concerning the contrasting of Shankara and Meister Eckhart. That the comparison of the figures of the masters which is practised in this school may yield good results is also proved by G. Mensching, Otto’s disciple in Bonn, in his book on „Buddha und Christus – ein Vergleich“[2] and H. Frick, Otto’s successor on the Marburg chair in Systematic Theology, in his early treatise

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