Nr. 23 (1998)

The Privileged Religion of Saint Francis of Assisi
Eine Krishna-Lila als Gegenstand diakritischer Theologie

Nr. 23 (1998)

von Edmund Weber

Preliminary Remarks

The popularity of St. Francis (1182/3-1226) in our days is overwhelming. He has become a modern hero – not only of Catholics but also of Protestants, non-Christians and even atheists. Nevertheless, the question may be raised whether the modern portrayals of St. Francis do justice to the historical person. In order to get a more solid answer we will analyze various documents which were approximately known to and approved by St. Francis himself, particularly his Testimony, his Song of Brother Sun, the Unapproved Rule, the Approved Rule, the Admonitions, and the Letter to the Faithful Ones I.[1] We will not even use the legendary reports of his disciples. From the very beginning the devotees of St. Francis made

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