No. 254 (2019)

The Byzantine churches founded by the emperor Constantine (324‒37)[1]

No. 254 (2019)

By Maria Vaiou

[1] ODB, 1, 498‒500; For the churches attributed to him, see G. Dagron, Naissance d‘ une capitale: Constantinople et ses institutions (Paris, 1974), 391‒409; J. Burckhardt, The age of Constantine the Great, (1852, tr. 1960); N. Baynes, Constantine the Great and the Christian church (1929; rev. 1972); S. N. C. Lieu, and D. Montserrat, eds., Constantine, history, historiography and legend (London, 1998); T. Grünewald, Constantinus Maximus Augustus. Herrschaftspropaganda in der zeitgenuössischen Uberlieferung (1992); and P. Stephenson, Constantine: unconquered emperor,  Christian victor (London, 2009).

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No. 253 (2019)

A preliminary list of Byzantine hagiographical sources (and martyrologies) on Muslim-Byzantine relations

No. 253 (2019)

By Maria Valou

Martyrdom of Agathonikos of Jerusalem (d. 715–7), AASS Oct. IX (1858), 360–2.

EPLBHC, 1, ‘Agathonikos’, 84–5.

Akropolites, C.,  (d. before 1324), eds. J. P. Migne, and J. de Rubeis, Τοῦ σοφωτάτου κύρου Κωνσταντίνου Λογοθέτου Ἀκροπολίτου Λόγος εἰς τὸν ἃγιον Ἰωάννην τὸν Δαμασκηνόν= ‘Sapientissimi domni Constantini Logothetae Acripolitae Sermo in s. Joannem Damascenum’, PG 140 (1865), 811–86.

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Nr. 251 (2019)

The Revolution of Grace
Martin Luther’s, Shri Krishna Caitanya’s and Guru Nanak’s Religion of Grace

Nr. 251 (2019)

Von Edmund Weber


Dialectical Theory of Religion
Three Concepts of Religious Culture
Martin Luther’s Doctrine of Grace
Shri Krishna Caitanya’s Eight Teachings on Grace
Guru Nanak’s Message of Grace

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