Nr. 27-06 (1999)

Aspects and Values of Buddhism for the Women of the West

Nr. 27-06 (1999)

von Elizabeth Napper
Tibetan Nuns Project, Dharamsala, India

Internationale Symposion: Frauen im Buddhismus,
7.-9. Febr. 1997, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main.

Living in India, which is not yet linked into the electronic autobahn at quite the screaming pace of the rest of the world, I received my information about this conference in two barely legible faxes, which arrived more than three weeks apart and presented me with two different titles for my paper. The first was „Aspects and Values of Buddhism That Are Attractive to Peoples in the West“ and the second was that printed in the conference program, „Aspects and Values of Buddhism for Women in the West.“ These are rather different topics, but in another way they are not so different.

In that half the „peoples in the West“ are women, the first topic in a sense includes the second, but one migh

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